One Night Only; My Escort Experience

One Night Only; My Escort Experience

Posted on: 27 Dec, 2017

All the cologne and aftershave in the world could not have helped calm the anxiety that I felt on that night; I had often spoken of this night to my friends, but none of it was said in seriousness. I had often heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it", but it made no sense to me. "Why should I be apprehensive about having my wishes come true if I had wished for it in the first place?" I often asked myself; and at this particular time, it made perfect sense to me. Despite this being what I had subconsciously wanted, I really wished that I had not asked the universe of it in the first place.

I could hardly count the times that I had bantered with my friends about setting up a meeting with an escort only to blow her mind, and not the other way around. Although many young men often have misguided sexual energy and esteem, mine was on another level, and all my friends knew it; it was, therefore, no coincidence that they set me up with a high priced escort for my 23rd birthday, without my consent. It was also no surprise to them that I was initially scared to go through with it, because they all knew where this misguided energy stemmed from; fear. Fear of not doing things right; fear of being repulsive even to a person being paid to have sex with you; fear of your relatives finding out; fear of not lasting long enough.

To my surprise, however, the agency from whom the escort services were contracted ( ) was very friendly and supportive. It turns out that I was not the first one to have this happen to me; apparently, I was not even in the top 20. This calmed my nerves, only for long enough until the fated night on which I was to meet her. I bathed my body and clothing on scented products, a gesture which she found both amusing and endearing.

I remember how she looked when she walked through the hostel door; she was slightly taller than me, even after taking off her heels. I am not ashamed to admit the fact that this was precisely my type, and she could sense the fact. She took advantage of this by letting me take the lead in conversations and staring deep into my eyes as I spoke. She had the loveliest eyes I had ever seen up close, but that’s not saying much; I had not seen many ladies eyes up close up until that point in my life. Actually, there were very many things I saw that night that I had never seen up close, or in person for that matter; only through my laptop screen watching some hot movies.

The experience was so surreal that it might as well have been the virtual experience I was used to every night before sleeping; this was aided by the fact that she said all the right things that night. "You’re really good for a first timer". "There’s no such thing as too quick for a first timer." "You should take me out; maybe we can do this the right way."

I knew that she did not mean any of those words, but the effect it left on me will stay with me for a long time to come.