My different opinion about gay male escorts

My different opinion about gay male escorts

Posted on: 07 March, 2017

I have read several articles where people allayed their fears on how gay male escorts were gray areas which will fold up any time soon. Although I have read hundreds of such articles from different authors but their points are always similar like they all sat together and wrote from the same manuscript. Well, their fears are genuine and without an in-depth knowledge about gay male escorts, one could easily agree with them – but I beg to differ in opinion.

I am among the few that would advise any friend who intends to join male escorts to be in the company of gay male escorts. You see, in life, those areas with the highest risk involved are the areas that can fetch you the biggest pay. The main opinion that has been recurring and pointing to the death of gay male escort is the issue of national law that criminalizes gay in certain areas and regions of the world.

What people do not know is that the more gay male escorts are talked about – whether for positive or negative reasons, the more publicity they are given. There are lots of people who did not know about gays and gay male escorts until the buzz began by different governments. Now, all over the world, everyone seems to be aware of gay male escorts and their likes. Another important thing that people who nurse these fears fail to understand is that the human mind is very curious. That thing that humans are told to refrain from are the things that will keep bugging their hearts – for the Christians, you think it was an accident that Eve ate the forbidden fruit and lured Adam to have a bite too? It is just the human psyche at work. Yes, out of fear, some people may desire a little push to help them act against what they have been told but all the while, the craving is always there.

I bet you already figure my point. Because we all have different points of view, there are those who consider gay male escorts the best male escorts because they feel safe around them. This is peculiar with females. Girls who have been abused or had suffered some kind of psychological trauma would always try to keep their distance from men. It might surprise you to know that many girls out there think that all guys are sex mongers. These girls tend to stick with gay male escorts because they are aware that these guys are harmless to them in terms of sex.

Recently, I was lucky to witness the recruitment process of one of the male escort agency and to my greatest surprise, those that sought to become their gay male escorts were a little more than applicants from all the other sectors of male escorts. In my heart I pondered why this was so. I had to restrict myself from asking much questions in my usual way. I will still visit more male escort agencies and see if the trend is general or peculiar to that male escort agency. That is the time I will be able to draw my judgment.

I think in every ramification, my opinion is stronger than that of those speculating the end of gay male escorts because my opinion is formed from observation while theirs is formed from mere rumors. From what I see, instead of gay male escorts hitting the rock as people presume, straight male escorts seem to be the ones under threat. Gone are the days when every woman who hires a male escort would want them to sleep with them. The industry is getting more professional and the boundaries are getting more distinct. Women who want men for sex now go for male companions while male escorts are becoming increasingly exclusive for those who want a companion to follow them to occasions or take them around.