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Dragonflies and Honey Bees

Posted on: 10 September, 2018

Dragonflies and Honey Bees

My summer home is in the most southern part of Spain, but slightly inland. Effectively if I oved any further south I would be living in North Africa. Which means that it gets a little warm during the summer. I am taking forty degrees in the shade for three months at a time. So obviously if you are going to remain sane, a pool of some kind is essential. Mine is just a concrete hole in the ground painted blue and filled with well water, but it is cool and peaceful and surrounded by beautiful trees.

I find it essential to create some space in my life that is just for me and to lie back and relax, especially during the working day – and during the summer they are all working days! Life managing a high class escort agency representing the sexiest escorts Geneva has to offer is nothing like as glamorous as people think. And it is far more stressful than people can possibly imagine – if you allow it to be. I could - and have in the past – get drawn in to just managing the day to day issues of the clients and escorts girls. Which, I assure you, are more numerous and diverse than you can possibly imagine. Actually, feel free to imagine. Then ask your five best friends to do the same. Add the list together and treble it. And eveything that you have written down on your list would just be an average week in the life of an escort agency.

So in this tranquil and beautiful spot I floated on back and allowed my mind to wander, and to feel the cool water flow around me. It was almost silent expect for the birds singing and the trees dancing in the breeze. As I floated I was joined by beautiful muti coloured dragonflies sipping at the pool water and honey bees from the local wood buzzing around, working extremely hard to make sweet honey. It was beautiful to watch all of this life rushing round me. It was almost like meditation, soothing for a mind that is constantly “on” and always busy

I will taking a little swim again today so that I can enjoy all of this again. Summer will be over far too soon and the nature will change the theatre. So I want to catch this particular performance again.